Ever since I first heard Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Free, Cream, Robin Trower, Lyrnyrd, Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band and a host of other great blues/rock artists, back in New Orleans, I knew that rock n roll music would change my life, forever. And like so many people, certain songs brings back to mind a lot of great memories; words stick in my mind from so many songs, even after many years of not hearing them, it is amazing I can still remember the words and sing along. Great music brings people together! While words can hurt, music does not!

All notes in music are universal, they don't change between the nations; a G chord, is the same no matter what nation you live in, or language you may speak. It is no wonder that music is an integral part of our daily lives and does bring about change. While Peace of Blues may be my concept and creation, it is designed to be a participation of individual musicians. Every member contributes their part of the instrument they are playing. We are dedicated to contributing to the art of music and our canvas is the Universe. First stop Earth, and from there, the frequencies go into the outer realms of Heaven. It is our hope that the Earth and the Heavens will appreciate the contribution through sound.

Kepha Arcemont- Guitarist, Songwriter, and Creator of Peace of Blues

p.o. box 427, Coleman, Texas 76834



Peace of Blues: Music is the Key-Rock's Not Dead--released 2016

Peace of Blues: Rusted Metal-Overplaying It-- released 2017

Peace of Blues: Change the World--released 2017

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